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During this end evolution cycle that leads into the current Ascension timeline, many different variations of soul-spirit consciousness from a vast array of planets, galaxies and universes have joined the reincarnation cycle on 3D planet earth.

Some are biologically organic future humans while others are not; yet, all have come in order to experience the shifting Consciousness fields on the 3D planet earth at this end cycle. These particular groups of soul-spirit beings that have incarnated in a 3D human body are referred to as Starseeds.

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Even though Starseeds hold more genetic memory from these future stations of identity, All is One and valued in its connection to the Eternal Source Creator. Starseeds have specific roles and a humanitarian spiritual mission based on the Law of One to help free the planetary soul from spiritual and energetic oppression enforced by the NAA through the False Father God Religions. This is to elevate and change destructive timelines through genetic rehabilitation and erase negative alien Mind Control software programs.

Starseeds entered this planetary consciousness body to experience reincarnation and activate their spiritual mission for a wide variety of reasons and interests.

Starseed Souls 🌟 14 Hidden Signs You're An Arcturian Starchild (Scary Accurate!)

The primary goal was to re-establish the potential freedom from forced reincarnation through the restoration of the Cosmic Sovereign Law of One through the reclamation of the Christos body krystal template. In order to do so the Negative Alien Agenda of planetary domination, enslavement, hybridization and abduction would have to be eventually revealed to humanity.

However, the extraterrestrial agenda and the history of extraterrestrial genetic influence in both every day human events and the many historical records have been extinguished in every way possible. Both benevolent and malevolent extraterrestrials have been involved with this planet for millions of years, and they have never left this planet. This was known on planet until the last 5, yearswhen most of this knowledge and its written history were destroyed. See the Galactic Wars.

Only the reptilian bloodline manipulated humans were given this knowledge in secret to maintain their position for power and control. They are ultimately puppets for off planet Controllers that sold out the human race. History is re-written by the victor of war, and hence, the real extraterrestrial agenda is hidden while a false record of human history is put into its place.

Many Starseeds were aware of a Psycho-Spiritual Warfare between extraterrestrial races and came to this planet as embodied human intelligence portals to feed back to the overall group effort in its reconnaissance mission back to their home planet or Universe.

However when most got here, they were subjected to the many Alien Implantsmind control systems, dark force infiltration and Victim-Victimizer software like all human beings.

For those reasons many still remain asleep or subverted to the fact of their real spiritual mission and consciousness. However, it has been generally understood that during the end cycle the Neutron Window is opening between this third dimensional planet earth which intersects with the Universal Transharmonic gateways. For Starseeds, this lifetime is a recon mission that was required to gather the intel required to comprehend the levels of genetic damage, the source of planetary invasion, the identity of the main intruder races, and attempt to offer sovereignty and freedom to the souls which had been enslaved, abused and entrapped in repeated reincarnation cycles.

One of the primary issues is the horrifying violation of the human soul from negative alien abduction, satanic ritual abuse SRAsoul body siphoning, sexual mutilation, cloning replicant bodies, and using living human bodies sperm and ovum to genetically farm human and E.

Many Starseeds have come to this planet to research, collect intel to source hybridization agendas and observe the alien abduction and contactee phenomena on planet. In most all cases the direct abduction or contact experience is required in order to collect the information and return it back through the Neutron Window to the Guardian Krystal Host races.

The Krystal Star family is a Guardian race that has intervened with this planet to help heal and free the soul entrapment and bodily imprisonment the N.Very little is known about the five alien races that are part of the Council of 5. These races have been protecting Earth and Humans for as long as there are alien records of it. When I first started sculpting the Blue Lady, it was because the Blue Lady was frequently showing up in my third eye for two months.

Nearly a year later, Mother Mary appeared to me in the middle of the night beside one of the Blue Lady sculptures. The room literally glowed where she stood. She motioned the the sculpture and the Lady I make. The Blue Arcturians are one of many types of Beings on their enormous planet. They are highly spiritual, telepathic, living in unconditional love in communal type homes. THe Arcturians are teachers, coming here to help us in our spiritual ascension during very challenging times.

Hathors are an ascended, energetic and inter-dimensional civilization. They are intergalactic and have outposts that span parts of our universe and beyond.

starseed races

The Hathors came through Sirius which is a portal to our universe and the etheric realms of Venus. In the past they worked through the fertility goddess of Ancient Egypt. They have a very strong feminine presence. Hathors are serving us in our evolution and ascension. They are helping us to achieve our self-awareness and our elevation on all conscientious levels. Tall White Zeta are one of the highest spiritual beings in the the Reticuli sector.

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Those who have experienced them are people of very high spiritual ethics, and many report that they get guidance from them during times of turmoil, depression and stress, as well as incredible love for them. After a near-death experience in December of CynthiaI left my body and found myself in another world in a humanoid body with Dolphin like skin of pale grayish beige, mushroom color.

I was being told that I was this being before I came to Earth. These beings are from the planet Zumav and are a hybrid aquatic Zeta with webbed feet and hands, living in water or on land. They reminded me of how to breath in water.

When one comes to me, it announces itself first with a dolphin like squeal before telepathically communicating its message.Imagine for a moment, the Earth as viewed from Space. A glowing blue-green jewel set against a backdrop of billion stars. There are no lines from up here. No borders, no divisions. Just a beautiful living planet moving silently through Space. You are drawn closer, and you are astonished to find a diversity of plant and animal life unparalleled in this star system.

You begin to study this world and all its curiosities eventually focusing on the most advanced life forms, the cetaceans swimming through the oceans and the early human civilization inhabiting the surface world. Very soon it dawns on you, that all is not right. As a result of human activity the entire global eco-system is walking a tightrope, teatering on the edge of self annihilation. This world needs help. A clarion call is broadcast out through all that is and without hesitation you act.

Freely and lovingly, you move into the consciousness grids surrounding the planet. Before long, you are pulled down into a beautiful dense world and gifted a precious human body. With the support of your spiritual and star families, your memories are obscured as your odyssey begins.

This is the truth behind Starseed incarnations and the reason why you came to help transform this world. In reality every single person on Earth is a Starseed.

The planet is only 4 billion years old, a relatively new world when you consider the Universe is over 16 billion years old. There has never been a time when you have not existed and there will never be a time when you do not exist. Many of the old souls on Earth have been incarnating here in cycles for thousands of years, while new comers to this world are arriving enmasse from advanced star cultures to help transform this world and move us away from the path of self destruction.

They do this just by being here, and by holding the light for humanity. December 21st, The shift begins. The mammoth undertaking to stop humanity from self-destructing was a success!

The legion of support from all corners of creation and the direct actions of humanity have moved this world onto a new path. This is a time of great celebration! There are a number of star cultures engaging our planet at the present point in time. There are well overunique cultures observing and assisting us as we begin to awaken and transform our world.

These star cultures represent a variety of Confederations, Councils and Unions within our local universe or Galaxy. These highly advanced civilizations are guiding and protecting us while keeping their distance. So that you may be allowed to receive information, but not in such a manner that we would in anyway, really, strongly affect the way in which you would wish to apply that information.

Keeping ourselves at a distance, to not force you to believe in us or anything we have to say. We have kept this hands of policy to allow you to evolve in your own way according to your own choices.

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I believe that in many of your science fiction scenarios this is referred to as the Prime Directive. So the idea of contact from that point forward will not be based on our policies, it will be solely based on your worlds expression of readiness for more open contact.

starseed races

Nothing will prevent us from making that contact on our end after that date. It is thus then totally in your hands the collective consciousness after that date. When you express a true unified desire to interact with the life that is out here, we will not hesitate to interact with you in more open and bolder ways. Until such time we are leaving it up to you, to let us know, when that time is at hand.Given that you came from stardust and have been infused with divine light, you might feel this connection deeply in your bones.

Is this an illusion? Or are you born from a distant star, a true descendant of a faraway light-body or planet, a Starseed? Many say that there are over billion stars in The Milky Way, our home galaxy. While that number is massive, imagine the billions of realms and planets that are hidden from view. Imagine the distances we have yet to travel. Consider the possibility that time does not exist and that all matter changes or expands in each moment.

Could it be that the number of stars, galaxies, planets, and realms is dynamic, and therefore, incalculable? This would make your birth on Earth either a planned event, a pre-birth choice, or happenstance. When we wonder about our origins, we might consider that Earth is one of many experiments, during a time when collaborations of alien races seeded stars and planets to grow new worlds. When we die and then choose to reincarnate, it seems we have many options. As amorphous, traveling souls, we not only have this planet to consider, but many others throughout the billions of galaxies, realms, and universes, and within many continuums of spacetime.

We might also be living simultaneous, co-joined lives in a variety of places, and within several spacetime platforms. Earth is an evolving, stable, three-dimensional planet, with an equal balance of physical and angelic experiences. The ideas and concepts around Starseeds come to us through channelers and seers who regularly connect with the Akashic records.

These records comprise the energetic imprints of all intentions, thoughts, emotions, relationships, creations, and events, ever to have occurred, throughout every race, in all the realms, throughout all of spacetime. While much of this information is relatively easy to channel and comprehend, there are several perspectives on how Starseeds come to Earth and the many types of Starseeds.

According to the channelers, Starseeds ar e advanced spiritual beingsfrom other planets and realms, who possess spiritual and scientific knowledge that date back hundreds of thousands of years. It seems that while most Starseeds are benevolent beings who seek to help all living beings throughout all of the realms and universes, some Starseeds seek to control interplanetary resources for the benefit of their home planets. Starseeds might also have been birthed through inter-consciousness conception, virgin births, akin to the stories about Jesus.

Another possibility is that any soul can become a Starseed when another Starseed infuses the soul with intentional light. This can occur when souls are in utero or at any other point in their lives. Regardless, it seems that Starseeds do exist, in one form or another. We might never know which Starseed concepts are closest to the truth. You may have a quiet sense that you came from somewhere beyond this planet, and can imagine your physical appearance from prior lives, in other worlds.

Maybe you fantasize about life in other galaxies with the hope of incarnating elsewhere in future births. Even with these real feelings of alignment with other worlds, you might never know whether or not you are genuinely Starseed.

starseed races

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Starseeds and Galactic Civilizations

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