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The subject who is truly loyal to the Chief Magistrate will neither advise nor submit to arbitrary measures.

For those tight on space, consider chairs and couches that unroll or convert into beds, such as the Wing sofa bed in black leather. This article was published more than 5 years ago.

stray kids little space scenario

Some information in it may no longer be current. Living far from home, it's inevitable that my family and I host a lot of guests: parents, siblings, the family of six we met last year on vacation, who are "just passing through" for a week. We're reasonably equipped, with enormous bunk beds for the children to share, a double air bed and a convertible sofa in the den. Though my husband can't bear to sleep on it himself, we're often compelled to when a grandparent arrives with a bad back and a penchant for guilt.

This time of year, especially, I'd rather share my home with the entire Salvation Army band than leave my sofa to get on a plane. Having a house full of people at the holidays is the whole point of said holidays — a treat to look forward to, laundry aside.

My experiences on the other side, conversely, have not always been a treat.

stray kids little space scenario

We've been lured to "come stay" with central locations, keys to the car, even offers to babysit. But a guest room?

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Not so much. Watch out for stray Lego. And don't mind the kitty-litter smell. I've slept in more children's beds than is proper, on blow-up mattresses that deflate through the night, been bitten by bedbugs, licked by puppies and tackled by toddlers.

But at least it was behind closed doors. Last year I spent a week on a camp mattress in a hallway outside the bathroom of a colossal, just-renovated house. The hostess was so delighted with the set-up, I hadn't the nerve to tell her I could hear her shaving in the shower. If you have grown kids, in-laws, siblings abroad … even if your door is darkened but once a year by a backpacking nephew: You've got to make space for them — say, enough to swing a kitty without stepping in its litter.

Of course, not all of us have a spare room to fill. It's a luxury even to have a combination home office, den and children's play room to work with.At first, it was a little out of place for Yugyeom, especially considering you were older than him.

But after a few times, he began to get used to it. He felt honored, you trusting him enough to be so vulnerable around him, trusting him enough to properly take care of you when he was still so young. Are you here? Are you in here? You were holding a green crayon, coloring in the last tree of your picture. Yugyeom sets the bags on the counter, quickly realizing you were in your headspace.

Yugyeom notices your struggle and sits next to you, his eyes scanning the colors. He lands on a purple, it was a pearly purple.

He picks it up and holds it out to you. After you explained everything to him in greater depth he had gotten into it. BamBam dropped his phone on the couch beside you, wrapping his arm around your waist. He nods, his smile growing to match yours. We get to go shopping? Come on! BamBam had helped you get dressed, you were wearing the red skirt you had mentioned, a long sleeved white shirt tucked into the skirt, the shoes you had slipped on were a pair of black flats, flats were your favorite, easy to slip on, no tussle with the laces.

He had always asked this question and you had always given him the same answer. You dragged him to the center of the wall, pointing up the stairs to the huge glowing sign.

BamBam kinked a brow, lowly chuckling with a shake of his head. Sometimes it was hard for Youngjae to tell if you had slipped into your little space. Youngjae made sure to tread lightly not wanting to insult you or hurt your feelings.

Youngjae watched you with careful eyes, kicking your feet, nails scratching along the fabric of the couch. You had turned the t.Things were chaotic from the moment you walked into your apartment and found your once pocket cuties be grown men that were around your age. And then things became even more chaotic after finding out the truth when you sought out the witch because now you had to take care of seven grown men.

You had to buy them phones, new clothes, the grocery prices rose, and it was crowded living in your tiny apartment.

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But you guess you could say things worked out in the end. You got to return home into large pair of arms you never got to when they were pocket sized. Keep reading. Drabble Game.

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Top Media Masterlist. Around Us Masterlist. Star Crew Masterlist. Ker Masterlist. Beat Interactive Masterlist. A Team Masterlist. C9 Masterlist. Actor Masterlist. Solo Masterlist. Disbanded Group Masterlist. Originally posted by predebutdaniel.If you do not like little space or feel uncomfortable with it then please do NOT read. Thank you! Jin was like a mother hen around you when you were in little space. With your age being a bit younger than normal he always kept an eye on you.

It was one of those days where you were in your bigger headspace and you were chasing after one of the younger members probably Jungkook or Taehyung Jin guessed when he heard a crash and shortly after a wail of pain. Dropping whatever he was doing he ran towards where the sound had come from and saw you sprawled on the floor in pain clutching your head. You got hurt huh? We were just joking! Yoongi was known for being strict whenever you were in little space because he wanted to avoid accidents like the one that just happened.

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You had decided that roller skating around the dorm was your dumb thing to do for the day. Instead of thinking about the consequences you only thought about the fun you would have. The boys were out at dance practice so now was the perfect time to execute your master plan. You had roughly two hours to skate around. Doing up the last lace on your skates you stood shakily and took a step forward. After almost falling on your butt more than once you slowly got the hang of it.

It was your fifth time going around the living room when you heard the front door to the dorm jiggle and unlock. You panicked and tried to skate away but instead, you fell and knocked your head against the coffee table. The pain from your sore bottom and your aching head became too much and pushed you into little space. This is why I have rules in place! It was one of your big space days when it happened.

You had been cleaning the dorm when Hoseok decided to scare you.Originally posted by zhengnongs. Originally posted by guksuu. Originally posted by shookbin. Originally posted by xh Originally posted by roiqin. Originally posted by aleyongguk. Originally posted by s-tttop. Originally posted by lisa-yg. Originally posted by alittlebitblockbbias.

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stray kids little space scenario

Meanwhile, the game loaded once again to start from your last saved point. His hands slowly let go of your waist to reach out to hold your hands, which were still firmly gripping the joypad. Maybe the thing is happening in his studio? Thank you! You placed the few boxes of takeaway food you bought for him before walking close enough to tap his shoulder, signalling you had arrived.

Changbin quickly turned towards you, his lips erupting into a wide smile as he took his headphones off. But first, come here for a bit, I missed you. You giggled at his actions, shifting a bit to get more comfortable and trying to re adjust the skirt you were wearing. Changbin hugged you close, his left arm securely draped around your waist, while his right hand was busy typing lyrics on his laptop.

Curiously, you watched at the mixer in front of you. Still, curiosity had the best of you and your fingers inched closer to one of the green buttons on the mixer, but Changbin was fast to stop you from behind you, gently yet firmly blocking your hand in mid-air. You being here is enough. No, I was looking at… that. Your body hitched and you girded again against him, earning a soft groan. He hummed in response, his right hand squeezing your thigh as the other kept grazing his way towards your panties.

He knew that you never locked the door every time you visited him at the studio because honestly, you never needed to since you never had sex at his studio before. Changbin clicked his tongue, moving your hands away from his. You covered your mouth with your hand as to not let out particularly loud moans as he eventually added another finger and kept stimulating you, the squelching sound of your arousal making you feel embarrassed about being so turned on by that situation.

You met both Chan and Jisung on your way towards the studio, and the thought of them — or anyone else, suddenly walking in made you feel so ashamed and yet so aroused.

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Changbin felt you approaching your orgasm and stopped his movements. He helped you stand up enough to let him lower his basketball shorts, now pooling around his ankles. Resuming his previous actions, he pulled once again your panties on the side, helping you lowering yourself on him by guiding you with his hands on your waist.

Balancing yourself on his knees, you started riding him at a slow pace, trying to make as less sounds as possible but still trying to please both of you but, however, Changbin was having none of it. Changbin started to ruthlessly thrust inside you with low groans, his pace in stark contrast with yours.I was wondering if you can do a Monsta X reaction to their significant other going into it for the first time since they gotten together; but the significant other already told them about it and what they needed done if they ever went into it.

Originally posted by iloveshownu. He knew exactly what to do. His daddy instincts kicked in and pulled you close to him. Originally posted by wonhontology. He was shocked a bit at first. He knew it could happen and he was ready for it, mentally.

He rushed around trying to grab your toys before you got fussy and quickly turned on cartoons to distract you. Once you were fully busy he crashed on the couch and looked at you in awe. Originally posted by zerodramarama.

Caring comes naturally to Kihyun. The second he saw your dazed off look he knew you were off in littlespace. He rubbed your hair gently and gave you your paci before going off to cook you something. When he came back and saw you laying on the floor, on your stomach with your feet up, he smiled to himself.

Originally posted by chiqkihyun. He would be surprised at first and puzzled at what to do. So he did his best, He got down to your level and asked you what you wanted to do. When you yawned and told him you wanted to take a nap, he blushed and carried you off to take a nap with your stuffed animals.

Originally posted by chaekkung. He was waiting for this moment, he thought it was the cutest thing that you could into little space. It also meant the world to him that you trusted him enough to go into little space. So when it happened he was ready. He was holding you, playing with your fingers while you watched cartoons. Originally posted by jooheongif. When you went into little space, he watched you play with Sanche. He loved how playful you looked. You thanked him sweetly and he had to keep his composure.

You were too cute to him at the moment. Originally posted by trainingpanda. He would kind of surprised at first. He would stand, looking at you for a second with a mild panic before thinking. He ran to your room and grabbed a warm fuzzy blanket, a stuffed animal and book before gesturing for you to join him on the couch.